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Flipboard Adds Support for Apple Watch and Private Magazines

150316-Private-Group-MagazinesDay by day, the Apple Watch launch approaches, and Flipboard is ready.

The news aggregator updated its iPad and iPhone app yesterday to work with the Apple Watch, new social features, and private magazines.

Update: Flipboard also added these features to its Android app.

As soon as its available, Apple Watch owners will be able to use it to scan through the top 10 stories from their Flipboard account, read a quick summary, and then save the article or send it to to a friend.

Speaking of sharing, the new update lets users share their Flipboard profile on social networks. Readers can now also see stories that their Flipboard friends like or comment on; those status updates are being added to the home feed.

And last but not least, Flipboard now lets users create a magazine which kept out of the public view and is instead shared privately with an invite-only group of readers.

You can think of it as the idea of an email mailing list, as applied to Flipboard.

There are over 15 million magazines assembled by users on Flipboard, covering topics ranging from tech to food to business.  All of those magazines are visible to any and every Flipboard user, which can present a problem when a user wants to focus on a sensitive topic like politics, family relations, or sensitive business secrets.

Flipboard’s solution is to offer private group magazines.  Now a user can assemble a private magazine as simply as flicking the discovery toggle from public to private when it is first created. The creator can invite readers and or contributors. The invites will remain active for two weeks, giving users plenty of time to decide if they want to join the cabal.


If they catch on, private group magazines could provide an alternative to internal forums, mailing lists, and other tools that small groups use to share articles and hold private debates.

In addition to launching new features, Flipboard also revealed its most popular magazines to date, including most re-flips (Fit in 2015), most likes (Cute), most followers (How To Style), and most comments (Think Tanking).

You can find the app in iTunes and Google Play.

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