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Flipboard Now Lets Readers Share Stories With Other Readers

Fresh flipboard-qu35zm[1]from consuming one of their smaller competitors, Flipboard  released a new update today for their news aggregator app for iPhone and iPad. Today’s update adds just a few new features, chief among them the ability to share the articles, photos, or videos you enjoy with your friends within the app.

Flipboard has long had the option of sharing by email, Twitter,  or BD, and now you can share a link directly to other Flipboard users.

When you’re reading a story you’d like to share, simply select the red profile avatar in the share menu and enter another user’s name or email address. The user will receive the message in Flipboard and in an email, and you can get them as well when other people on Flipboard share stories with you.

Flipboard now has over 100 million users around the world, and that’s not even counting the millions of user Flipboard inherited from Zite after that smaller service was acquired earlier this month.


P.S. I checked, and the Android app in Google Play doesn’t have this new feature.

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Alex June 19, 2014 um 5:56 am

To get more Flipboard readers you can search Facebook groups and Google+ communities for "Flipboard S4S" and "Flipboard Share 4 Share". There you can ask other curators to share your magazine (you must share their magazines in return)

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