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Flooved to Launch Digital Textbook Subscription This Fall

This UK based  startup has just announced that they’ve signed deals with a dozen publishers. Come this fall, college students in the UK are going to get some of their textbooks online for a flat monthly fee.

The subscription will cost £20 per month, or £200 for the calendar year. The textbooks will be accessible online via most web browsers. It’s not clear yet how much annotation ability the Flooved platform will have but I would expect it to at least cover the basics (or it won’t be of much use to students).

Flooved has named several of their partners, including Business Expert Press, Bloomsbury, Momentum Press, Manson, and ITN News Source. They’re also hinting about a deal in the works with one of the major publishers.

You know, this could be a good deal for students, but that’s going to depend on the title selection. At the very least this will be better than most of the digital textbook rental services like Coursesmart, which charged around 70% of the retail price in exchange for 3 or 6 months access. I know that renting textbooks is not the same as a subscription, but given that access is cut off if you stop paying for either I would say that they are more similar than different.



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