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Fnac Buys a Stake in Comic Book Platform Izneo

7383102332_cae372686e_oThe French media retailer Fnac announced on Thursday that it had acquired 50% of Izneo, France’s leading graphic novel platform.

Launched in 2010, Izneo has a catalog of 14,000 mostly French-language titles and bills itself as "the leading digital comic strip distribution and retail platform in Europe". (Someone had better tell Comixology.)

In addition to selling digital comics in its own apps for Android and iOS, Izneo says it is a distribution platform that provides its catalog to public libraries as well as all digital booksellers. Fnac, Apple, Google, Mollat, Tea, Dialogues, and La Galern, are included, but the press release doesn’t mention whether Izneo distributes to its larger competitor, Comixology.

“As the leading comic strip retailer in France, FNAC has always been the traditional partner for authors and publishers, and has significantly expanded its initiatives, such as the FNAC Comic Book Prize, and meetings with authors in our stores," said Coralie Piton, FNAC’s Director of Strategy and Director of Books. "Thanks to this partnership, we are strengthening our ties with key players in the book market, with whom we share the same view and the same long-term interests."

Fnac is buying half of the company, putting it on equal footing with the French publishers who own the other half (Ankama, Bamboo, Bayard, Casterman, Dargaud, Dupuis, Gallimard, Jungle, and Le Lombard).

Fnac is also Kobo’s retail partner in France, though of course the two deals will have no impact on each other.

image by PatLoika

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