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Fnac to Launch New 6″ E-reader in Spain on 28 November

One of France’s larger media retailers will reportedly be launching a new ebook reader for the Spanish market later this month. Yes, I know that sounds funny, but Fnac also have 20 stores in Spain as well as a website.

There was a story published by El Pais yesterday with some pretty solid details. The new ereader sports a 6″ E-ink screen and it was developed in partnership with bq. I’ve covered bq before; they have their brand on a number of ereaders and Android tablets. They’ve even designed a few of their own (here).

This particular ereader is reported to have Wifi, 2GB Flash storage, a microSD card slot, and support for a number of ebook formats including Epub, PDF, and FB2. There’s no word on the price and no pictures have been released.

What’s curious about Fnac’s Spanish ereader is that Kobo don’t appear to be involved. Fnac and Kobo are partners in France, but it’s not clear yet whether this will extend to Spain (but I don’t see how it could not). This doesn’t appear to be the Kobo Touch, and I’m really looking forward to finding out what it is.

My current guess is that this ereader is the one I got  a hint about a few weeks back. Fnac CEO Alexandre Bompard said in an interview that Fnac had a new ereader in the works. It was nothing more than "it exists", but this Spanish ebook reader could be it.

If anyone has more info, please share.

In any case, when Fnac do launch this ereader in Spain, it’s pretty much going to have to use the Fnac branded Kobo ebookstore. That means that Kobo will effectively be launching in Spain on 28 November, even if it’s not what they planned.

I hope Fnac have more luck with this ereader than with their first ereader, the Fnacbook. That ebook reader went over like a lead balloon. What little details have been released about its sales figures range from bad to horrible.

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