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Follett Acquires Baker & Taylor

5192903698_4a2b97f42b_bOne of the larger book distributors in the US has acquired another.

Follett put out a press release on Monday touting the news that it had acquired Baker & Taylor.

One is a leading book distributor to schools (Follett also runs college bookstores and has a digital textbook platform) while the other distributes to libraries and retailers (Baker & Taylor also has a library ebook platform, Axis 360).

“Acquiring Baker & Taylor marks a major milestone for Follett that expands the possibilities of our two businesses,” said Todd A. Litzsinger, Chairman of Follett.  “Through our support of schools, public libraries, colleges, local bookstores and retailers, our teams are uniquely positioned to help communities everywhere strengthen literacy and learning.  On behalf of the Follett family, I’m excited and proud to welcome the Baker & Taylor team to Follett.”

PW reports that the companies will continue to operate as before.

This is a very complimentary merger, and the only way it would be a bigger deal would be if Ingram had acquired both companies.

image by Guilherme Jófili

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