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Four Chrome Extensions for Getting the Most Out of Kindle Cloud Reader

When was the last time you used Amazon’s cloud reading app? Did you know there were third-party extensions for it?

I was updating the Kindle tools posts a few weeks ago when I noticed that there were several Chrome extensions for Kindle Cloud Reader. While I had used this app over the years, I had completely missed the opportunities this app represents.

Amazon’s browser-based Kindle app has largely been forgotten since it launched in 2011. It was one of several browser reading apps created seemingly in response to Apple attempting to extort ebook retailers for the privilege of selling ebooks on iOS, but that movement largely went no where once it was clear the first several iterations frankly weren’t very pleasant to use.

Eventually competing apps from Kobo and B&N were abandoned (in 2016, to be exact), leaving Amazon and Google as the only ebook retailers with apps. (There are other apps such as the one from JellyBooks, but most of the names escape me at the moment.)

Amazon continued to develop Kindle Cloud Reader, and I have recently learned that developers of third-party browser extensions have also started supporting the app.Some of these extensions almost turn the ebooks I am reading into web content, something I find so useful!

I thought this was such a great idea that I have started this post to list the extensions that I have found for Kindle Cloud Reader. I have found four so far, and I plan to add more just as soon as you tell me about the ones you use.

BTW, I’d like to find an extension that will search Wikipedia, but I haven’t found one yet. Have you?

Kindle Optimizer

KO is the best example if why I am kicking myself for not writing this post years ago. This extension integrates Google Search and Google Translate. Simply highlight a word or phrase, and you’ll find two new options:

I’d like to have Wikipedia as an option, but this is still pretty awesome. This extension makes it so much easier to dive deep into a topic mentioned in an ebook, and that makes Kindle Cloud Reader twice as useful as a research tool.


This is a speed-reading app similar to Spritz. After you install it and activate it, it will open a new window and flash one word at a time.

I am not a fan of the concept, but it’s still nice to have the option.


Speaking of speed-reading, Readlax approaches the idea from a different direction. It helps you read faster by highlighting one sentence at a time. (Now this is something I might use.)

EJDic Script

If you are in need of a Japanese-English to assist your reading then you’re in luck. This extension ties into the Weblio translation dictionary, and replaces the standard dictionary. (or so the description says; I do not have an ebook to test it on).


There you have it; four browser extensions that you can use to add features to Kindle Cloud Reader. (I actually had six to start with, but I didn’t like the two extensions that required access to my Google account).

Do you know of one that I can add to the list?


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Readlax May 27, 2019 um 2:54 am

try to use Readlax Brain Games for speed reading –

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