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Franklin launched the AnyBook Reader

Franklin, a maker of educational products from appsĀ  to electronic dictionaries, have announced the AnyBook Reader. This is a new product that is going into an old niche.

It’s a very simple device about the size of a tv remote. The Anybook consists of a microphone, speaker, and a sensor. It’s entirely self contained and runs on 2 AAA batteries. Retail is $39 (15h recording time) and $59 (60h recording time).

Here’s how it works. While in record mode, scan one of the included stickers and record a message. When you put the Anybook in play mode, you can scan the sticker again and listen to the recording. (I said it was simple.)

It doesn’t actually read; instead it plays an MP3.

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Henri Duong September 21, 2010 um 1:30 pm

I’m a parent and have a reading club online. we use the anybook reader at my house to encourage reading at an early age. Its fun for my 4 year old even though she does not always point at the words when the reader is playing me reading a particular page for her. Its a fun and affordable device for families with young children who are eager to open a book to read.

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