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Fuhu Launches Nabi Pass Subscription Service

Amazon has the Fire tablets and Kindle Freetime Unlimited, and now Fuhu has the Nabi tablets and Nabi pass. This kids' tablet maker launched a monthly subscription service yesterday which will let kids vacuum up kid-safe movies, shows, music, games, and ebooks for only $5 a month.

The service, called Nabi Pass, is only available on Fuhu’s tablets, including the Nabi XD, the new jumbo-sized Nabi Big Tab, and the Nabi DreamTab, which was launched in partnership with DreamWorks.

I don’t have a Nabi tablet so I can’t confirm what’s included, but the press release mentions that the service includes carefully curated content from partners such as National Geographic Kids (videos), DreamWorks (videos), Cupcake Digital (apps), and Walt Disney Records, which will serve as the exclusive music provider for the service.

The service will also feature Wings Learning App, and Fuhu says they will add new partners to its subscription service.


Not having a child, I can’t judge the quality of the content, but it would seem that the Nabi Pass has a stronger emphasis on educational material than Freetime Unlimited and offers a broader range of content than Reading Rainbow, which is focused on ebooks and videos.

If you have a Nabi tablet, I’d love to hear what you think of the new subscription service.

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Calee December 6, 2014 um 6:48 pm

It looks like this article was going to include a mention of EPIC! the kids book app–there’s a hanging sentence fragment at the end…

Nate Hoffelder December 6, 2014 um 6:49 pm

Something in WP has been eating the end of my posts lately. Thanks for pointing that out.

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