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Gajah BK7005 – Aluratek Libre Touch clears the FCC

This bit of news is a tad anti-climactic; the paperwork doesn’t tell me anything I don’t already know.
This ereader has already shown up on the market as the Aluratek Libre Touch, and you can buy it right now from Aluratek or NewEgg.

It’s a 7″ Android tablet running Android v1.5. It has a resistive touch screen, Wifi, 2GB Flash storage, a microSD card slot, and a speaker. I’m guessing the underlying hardware is a Rockchip design, but I’m not completely sure. i can only barely make out the word Rockchip in the internal photos.

I had my hands on it at CES 2011 and if you ignore the fact that it’s running the incredibly old v1.5,  the general design is okay. It has page turn buttons at a good height and a generally good fell to it. I would never recommend it as a tablet but it might make a decent ereader.


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