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Gene Roddenberry, Eat Your Heart Out (video)

Star trek might be on hiatus as we wait for the next movie, but it is never far from our hearts. And now it’s even in the hands of one NookColor Nook Tablet owner. Earlier today I came across a proof of concept video showing a hacked NookColor running CyanogenMod as well as a number of Star Trek themed apps, turning it into the closest thing to a PADD that can be found outside a movie studio.

The video quality is crap, but it is cool none the less.

What I find particularly interesting about this video is that it looks like he’s running ordinary Android apps.

He hasn’t posted instructions, but you can find LCARS-themed home screens (like the one he’s using) in Google Play, and the tricorder app he mentions can be found Freeware Lovers (the good one which Paramount doesn’t want you to have).

He also has the official tricorder app from Paramount, but he says it’s crap. And the LCARS website he mentions late in the video can be found here. I think it looks rather nice on just about any Android tablet.

These are all bog standard apps, and that means I can install them on any Android tablet. I know, I know, I could have done that a while ago. And I should’ve.  But frankly I’m not sure what Android  tablet will look more like a PADD than the NookColor Nook Tablet. Suggestions?

It might sound silly, but I think the closest might be my Nokia 770. It had a clunky hardware design that looks like it was inspired by the props used on DS9. I have one sitting on my desk at the moment, and I swear that I can see a resemblance.

This 4.3″ internet tablet (*snicker*) was never terribly capable, but for a while there it did have a loyal developer community supporting it.  There were even a couple different LCARS-themed home screens for it (you can see a demo video here). Note that that’s not the only device with an LCARS theme, just the only one I’ve owned. I’d bet there’s a bunch of others.

P.S. If anyone knows where I can find a set of instructions to turn an Android tablet into a PADD, please post a link in the comments.


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Anne July 8, 2012 um 7:31 am

I know he calls it a Nook Color, but from the bezel, it’s obviously a Nook Tablet.

I’ve no plans to put this on my n2a Nook Color, but I thought the sound effects were really cool.

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