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Georgia to replace middle school textbooks with the iPad

Last week the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported that the Georgia State Senate are currently considering whether to adopt Apple’s new textbook platform for middle school students. According to state Senator Tommie Williams:

“Last week we met with Apple Computers, and they have a really promising program where they come in and their recommending to middle schools – for $500 per child per year, they will furnish every child with an iPad, wi-fi the system, provide all the books on the system, all the upgrades, all the teacher training – and the results they’re getting from these kids is phenomenal.”

Needless, to say, it will probably never happen. They simply don’t have the money.

This is my biggest gripe with the whole debate over ereaders as a digital textbook platform. They cost too much to implement widely, and yet everyone keeps starting pilot programs.

image by David Ortez

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sophie February 9, 2011 um 3:28 am


Ms. Yingling May 19, 2011 um 2:31 pm

My library has books that were purchased in 1969 that are still being used. Will any of the money spent on electronic books last that long?

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