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Germany’s First Indie Blockbuster Has Arrived – Poppy J Anderson Has Joined the Millions Club

Bildschirmfoto-2015-03-17-um-17.46.13[1]Self Publisher Bibel reports that Poppy J Anderson, a well-known author pseudonym for a certain German historian , has sold a million copies of her works in print and digital.

Anderson has published 22 titles on her own (as well as 3 titles with Rowolt Verlag, a German publisher). All of the titles are in German, and several have made it to the top of the Kindle Store best seller list. Considering that the German ebook market is still small, Anderson has accomplished an impressive feat.

Here in the US we’ve long grown used to indie authors self-publishing their works and selling a million copies. Amanda Hocking and John Locke (to name a couple examples) pulled that off by 2011, and a dozen or more authors have probably followed in their footsteps in the past few years.

But that feat is still relatively rare outside of the US ebook market, and in fact this is the first that I had heard that any non-US author had achieved this milestone.

Arguably this is a sign that the global ebook market, and especially certain language specific markets, are still catching up to the US ebook market. This could be a sign that there’s still room for digital growth, opportunities for new authors to make a living, and for new business ideas to flourish.

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