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GlassFeeds Brings Your Favorite RSS Feeds to Google Glass

how-guys-will-use-glassGoogle might think that RSS feeds are so 2012 but clearly not all developers agree. James Betker, the developer of the first Youtube app for Google’s headsup display, has just announced GlassFeeds.

I’m proud to publish my first Mirror API application, GlassFeeds. This app allows you to select several news sources which will be periodically used to push news stories directly to your Glass. From there, you can send the stories to Pocket or e-mail to be read later or share them with your friends.

GlassFeeds integrates with your existing Google account, and once you’ve signed up you’ll be shown a configuration menu. One early user report indicates that this app can’t integrate with existing news reader services, so instead you’ll need to pick sources to follow from a dropdown of recommended sites, or add your own sources by pasting in its RSS feed.

You’ll also need to provide an email address or Pocket account if you want to save content for later.

It doesn’t appear possible to sign up for the app if you don’t have a Glass (I tried and failed), but if you have shelled out the Glass Explorer Edition then you can find out more on the GlassFeeds page on AppSpot.

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