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World’s Greatest Invention: iPad Toilet Paper Stand

ipad toilet paper holderI’m sure I’m not the only one with a stack of books in the bathroom, but I think I might soon be replacing them with this:

CTA Digital, a maker of tablet and gaming accessories, has just unveiled the ultimate iPad accessory. It doesn’t appear to be available at the moment (it ships in 1 to 2 months), but this $45 iPad stand is built to hold your favorite tablet as well as a roll of toilet paper.

Gone are the days of simply setting the iPad on the counter while you wipe; you no longer have to fear the expensive tablet sliding off of the counter or into the sink.

As cool as this is, I’m going to pass. iPads are great but I really need is a stand that can hold a 7″ device. Even if I used my iPad more I don’t think I would carry it around. A seven inch tablet is closer to the book/ereader I carry into the bathroom.

71fBs5JvRSL._AA1500_But it’s still a fun idea from people clearly enjoy coming up with wacky products like the Wii bowling ball or this next product.

Do you know what’s even better than the toilet iPad stand? CTA Digital has unveiled a potty training toilet that incorporates an iPad stand.

It costs $40 and is expected to ship on 1 March. I dare you to buy one.

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MizzBee February 13, 2013 um 9:33 am

One, I see GERMS, GERMS EVERYWHERE. You should wash your hands afterwards, before touching anything. But if the TP/Ipad are right there the stand has to be moved. We tend to use our dominant hand for all purposes–retrain? Two, isn’t the Ipad on the rear of the commode, how are you going to read? It is safe to say that if I visit someone who uses either, I will not be eating at their house or any food they bring to a gathering.

Sonia April 3, 2013 um 3:34 pm

Thats a great idea for the ones that lives in the bathroom when they poo, lol its already we have phones in the bathrooms but an Ipad..( This has to be a mans invention) LOL .I am sure this is your personal Ipad that you carry with you if your in the middle of something if not..eeewwwww…nasty! LOL No matter what its nasty bc you share your Ipad with others to see things etc. I would not personally would not do this or use it in any ones bathroom, I am in for a mission and out,lol. Good Idea though for the ones again that live in the restroom,lol..

Norma Harrison April 24, 2013 um 6:36 pm

I think the shower moister would be a problem

Richard April 24, 2013 um 7:48 pm

Water and electric just don’t go together.

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