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Goodreads Expands Automatic Amazon Sync to Include the UK

GoodreadsGoodreads announced on Tuesday that the ever popular "Add Your Amazon Books" feature was now available for ebooks and books purchased via

Initially launched about a month ago, this feature enables Goodreads members to automatically sync their Amazon accounts with their Goodreads accounts. Readers can rate and review each title and then add it to their bookshelves.

Amazon first offered this feature to readers in the US, Australia, and Canada, and today they started expanding the availability to include the UK (as well as anyone who bought books and ebooks from Over the next few weeks Goodreads will be rolling out the feature, but it is not available to all at this time. Early reports on the Goodreads blog indicate that a number of Goodreads members in the UK were unable to access it.

It looks like the only way to tell whether you have the feature is to try to access it. Goodreads posted a set of instructions on their blog:

How do you know if you have the feature? Take a look at the Tools list on the left hand side of the My Books page. You’ll see the Add Amazon Book Purchases link, as well as a small announcement at the top of the page. (See screenshot below.) See it? Great! In just two simple steps, you can add your Amazon books!:

1. Click on either link.
2. Sign into your Amazon account.

From there, you’ll then see your Amazon book purchases. You can go through and rate each book and select the appropriate shelf for it. We give you full control over which books to add so you can avoid adding any books bought as gifts. Any book not rated or added to a shelf will not be added to Goodreads.


Ever since Amazon bought Goodreads last year the retailer has been integrating the social network more closely with its bookstore. Late last year Amazon rolled out an update for the Kindle Paperwhite which added Goodreads integration, including the option to rate and review books.

The site now boasts 25 million members who added 294 million titles to their virtual bookshelves in 2013.


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