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Goodreads Users Can Now Track Books They’re Re-Reading

If you are a reader who likes to revisit favorite books as well as add new conquests to your completed list then I have some good news for you.

Goodreads now has a feature where you can mark previously read books as your current read, and track which books you have read ho many times:

How much do we love rereading? Let us count the ways…for those days when you just want to spend time with your favorite characters; or when you want to revisit a beloved classic; or maybe you want to brush up on a series before the next installment comes out (we’re still waiting, George R.R. Martin and Diana Gabaldon), the list goes on! Rereading is such a core part of many of our readers' lives that having a better way to keep track of the times you’ve read a book has been your number one feature request. Starting today, that wish has been granted—no more missing out on rereads being counted for your Reading Challenge!

You can use this feature simply by setting a title as "Currently Reading".  When you’re done, simply mark it as "Read" and it will be counted as having been reread.

The rereading feature can be accessed through the Goodreads website, iOS apps, and android app, as well as from inside a Kindle ebook (if you have connected your GR and Kindle accounts).

It is still being rolled out to users, though, so you might not have it yet.  To check to see if you can access this feature, visit the Goodreads website, choose a book you have already read, and click Edit on the My Activity area of the Book Page.

If you see something like this, then you can start tracking the books you have reread.

What do you think of the feature? Have you had a chance to use it yet?

image by ZapTheDingbat

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poiboy February 12, 2017 um 5:09 pm

great feature.. thanks for the heads up nate!

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