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Goodwill’s Auction Site is the El Dorado for Cheap e-Reading Hardware

goodwillA bargain hunter over at Mobileread has tipped me to what is probably the single best auction site for used electronics and other junk: Goodwill.

As readers in the US know, Goodwill is a chain of thrift stores that resell donated items and uses the money to fund community programs. But what you might not know is that Goodwill has its own auction site where Goodwill stores from all over the US sell everything from tricycles to dolls to vintage computers.

The site even has a section devoted just to tablets, and another for ereaders, and is listing over 300 auctions for tablets and ereaders. The selection ranges from original iPads to obscure and ancient ereaders, even older Sony Readers, and more Kindles than you can shake a stick at. You can also find awesome deals on cases, including a couple auctions I won’t share (I want them).

All of the stock is used, and the quality and condition is uncertain. But with most items shipping for under $25, you cannot beat the price.

Do you see anything you like?

I’m not in the market for anything right now (aside from the cases), but this site has helped me understand why I still get questions on five- and six-year-old devices. Apparently the used market is deeper, cheaper, and more complex than you would think from visiting Ebay and the other better-known sites.

With prices like these, everyone can have their own reading device. (But will it be any good? Now that’s another question.)

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Davemich May 2, 2016 um 1:07 am

Just remember, any kindle reported to Amazon as stolen cannot be registered, at all, and they don’t make exceptions for something bought second hand.

Nate Hoffelder May 2, 2016 um 5:41 am

Yes. But Goodwill takes donations, so they won’t be buying stolen goods. Also, I heard from one shopper who bought a bundle of five Kindles. Four worked just fine.

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