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Google Books is back on iOS – ebookstore link is gone

When Google Books disappeared from iTunes last week some thought it was gone for good. But it’s back. Right now I’m looking at the update screen for my iPad. it’s telling me there’s a new update for the Google Books app.

Unfortunately, I can’t actually download it. I tried and for some reason it told me that the app wasn’t available. But I can look at the updated listing, and the screen shots don’t show the link to the Google eBookstore. Curiously enough, I can’t find the new listing through Googling "itunes google books", so maybe it’s not quite ready yet.

I’m not sure what’s going on here, and probably no one else knows either.

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karen wester newton July 25, 2011 um 3:09 pm

Nate– Did you see this post:

I am guessing so long as iBooks works, Apple won’t care.

A Roundup post on this weekend’s iOS Reading App Massacre – The Digital Reader July 25, 2011 um 8:04 pm

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