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Google Home Now Adds Sound Effects to Books Read Aloud

Here’s a great way to enhance the reading experience, one that I bet Amazon wishes they had launched first.

The Google Home team has announced that their smart speaker can now add sound effects to select books when they are read aloud:

Starting today, as you read select Little Golden Books aloud, Google Home will play relevant sound effects and music to bring the story to life. We partnered with Disney, one of the best storytellers in the world, to include family favorites like Moana and Coco. To get started, just say “Hey Google, let’s read along with Disney.”

Available books include new favorites like Moana, Toy Story 3, Coco and Jack Jack Attack, as well as timeless classics like Peter Pan, Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, and The Three Little Pigs and Mickey Mouse and his Spaceship. We even added a holiday title—Mickey’s Christmas Carol —to help families get in the spirit this season. Look out for additional books before the end of the year.

Google said that starting today you will be able to find the available books alongside the Google Home Mini in the books section of your local Walmart, Target, and Barnes & Noble stores,

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Carmen Webster Buxton October 30, 2018 um 11:15 am

In a way, they’re blurring the lines between a book and a movie or a radio play. A book is the author presenting his or her words to the reader. Reading a book aloud to someone interjects the reader’s intonations and interpretations of the characters, but adding sound effects is a much bigger step because it doesn’t rely on the words themselves to make an impression on the listener.

Allen F October 31, 2018 um 2:02 pm

Just another distraction to tear you out of the story …

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