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Google Play Books 5.1.9 Adds Audiobook Download Quality Settings, Custom Skip Duration Settings

When Google started selling audiobooks last January, the Play Books Android app made the experience so frustrating that only masochists would try it more than twice.

Google has slowly been improving things over the past year, and Play Books 5.1.9 really hit it out of the park. The new version of the app isn’t available to everyone yet, but I snagged a copy courtesy of Android Police, and I have to say I am impressed.

The app is a lot easier to use than when I tested it a year ago, and the latest version gives you the option of controlling the audio quality for the audiobooks you download.  You can choose from either standard or high quality, and while it’s not clear just how much the file sizes differ, it’s still a nice gift to those of us with limited storage on our phones.

The other major feature in this update is control over rewind/advance. You can now choose to skip 5, 15, 30, or 60 seconds forward or back. You could for example set a 60-second skip forward, and a 30-second skip back.

All in all it is a great update, but I do wish that the app would tell us the file sizes and the overall storage capacity; audiobooks are huge, and just one or two downloads can take you from having over a GB free to running out of space.

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