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Google to Sell Audiobooks, Teases 50% Off Your First Purchase in Leaked Banner

Back in November I brought you the news that Google was looking at selling audiobooks in Google Play, and now it appears the launch is imminent.

9to5Google reports that a last night a banner for the new audiobook section of Google Play went live in the Play Store. The banner linked to the audiobook section of the store. That section isn’t live yet as I right this on Saturday, but clearly that is going to change fairly soon.

The Play Store does have a few audiobooks in its Music section, but 9to5Google says the implementation has always felt a little sloppy. And in any case, those audiobooks aren’t listed in their own category. That makes them so hard to find that they might as well not exist.

Google Play via 9to5Google

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Nirmala January 20, 2018 um 5:22 pm

So will audiobooks from Audible be available on there?

Nate Hoffelder January 20, 2018 um 10:37 pm

Some of them, yes, but not the Audible exclusive titles.

Nirmala January 23, 2018 um 12:59 pm

That’s too bad, I was hoping it would include Audible exclusive titles just like iTunes.

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