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Google Wants You to Buy an iPad (video)

A new bug in Google’s voice activated personal assistant is providing some unexpectedly hilarity today. Google Now was intended to be a competitor to Siri, but lately this app has turned into a cheerleader for one of Apple’s products. Listen closely:

In case you were wondering, that video was posted by a legit Apple blog, and it is just one of a bunch of examples which can be found on Youtube. I’m still not sure how this bug happened, but I can tell you that it first cropped up at least 3 months ago. The earliest videos on Youtube were posted in October, and this may have been happening for a few weeks before the videos were posted.

If you’d like to try this bug out, you can find Google Now as part of the Google Search app for Android. That feature will only install on devices running Android 4.1 or above, and the fact that this version of Android is only running on 10% of Android devices might explain why the bug has was under the radar for so long.

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Jussi Keinonen January 6, 2013 um 12:48 pm

Another funny one was last summer when Siri answered the question "What’s the best mobile phone?" with "The Nokia Lumia". Apple had to manually refix the answer to "What, are there other phones than the iPhone?"

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