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Got $20? Amazon Wants to Sell you a Fire TV

amazon-logo3Amazon wants nothing more than to sell you another gadget.

News broke yesterday that Amazon was offering their Kindles and Kindle Fires under an installment plan, and today I can report that Amazon is expanding that installment plan to include the Fire TV as well.

Amazon has quietly launched an installment plan offer for their 2-month-old set top box. The launch was in fact so quiet that I don’t think anyone knew about it yesterday, and that could be because this offer is more selective than the plan for the Kindle and Kindle Fire.

Apparently this offer is only being shown to select Amazon customers. Luckily for me one of my readers fell in that group and sent me a couple screenshots. (Thanks, Syn!)

fire tv installment plan 2

As you can see in the screenshot above, Amazon is offering the Fire TV under terms which are virtually identical to those for the Kindle Fire and Kindle. Customers can buy a Fire TV in 5 easy payments of $19.80, plus shipping and applicable taxes.

And since Amazon is processing the payment in-house, there are no fees, hidden charges, or interest.

I have not witnessed this offer myself, but as you can see in the screen shot below Amazon is making the offer on the Fire TV’s product page:

fire tv installment plan 1

The Fire TV is a $99 set top box which Amazon launched in April. It runs a proprietary version of Android on a 1.7GHz quad-core Snapdragon CPU with 2GB RAM, Bluetooth, 8GB internal storage, and dual-antenna wifi. It comes with a remote, and Amazon also sells a game controller for $40.  The regular retail for the Fire TV is $99, the same price as the Roku 3 and Apple TV, but you can also find it bundled with the Kindle Fire HDX tablet for $249.

Would anyone care to guess what this installment offer says about sales?

Now that Amazon is offering all of their hardware on installment plans, I don’t think we can draw any conclusions other than Amazon wanting to sell more hardware. But I could be wrong.

Has anyone heard any juicy rumors to the contrary?

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Syn June 11, 2014 um 2:36 pm

I have Roku 2 on my main tv. On my office, I had chromecast and no way to get at my Amazon content, so I bought a Fire Tv. Mainly because its new, and I wanted to try it out.

That said, its fast! Where my Roku is sloooooow. I decided to replace Roku 2 with Roku 4 whenever it comes out. Fire Tv is great for what I wanted it for, but it can’t touch the boatload of channels Roku has.

However, being told you can have something up front for 20 rather than 100 is very tempting. I would be more incline to even give this as a gift over a Roku because of the offer.

I’m sure Amazon sells a lot of Roku boxes. Anyone new coming in and don’t know the differences, or picking it up as a second device, might go for the deal with the least impact on their wallet. You just can’t beat a same as cash deal.

Roku is going to have to compete with that.

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