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Got a Question About Your Site? Call Me!

I have been getting a number of requests lately for coaching calls where I explain how to do things with websites, so I have decided to offer this as a service through this blog.

I didn’t used to be comfortable talking on the phone, but over the past three years of providing tech support I have come to realize that some things just can’t be explained by email. Sometimes you just have to talk to people while poking at their website in order to show where the parts are and how things work.

One might think that you could only do this in person, but I have found that a phone call plus an app like TeamViewer can actually be better than an in-person lesson. Rather than both of us crowding around one screen, the client can grant me access to their computer remotely; I can see what is on their screen and make changes to their site while also explaining what I’m doing.

And I can do all this while sitting comfortably in my own office.

So if you have a question about adding images to a post, or want me to show you how to install and setup a plugin, or if have another question, please contact me.

As an introductory offer, each half hour coaching call scheduled between now and the end of May will cost only half of my standard rate. That’s $25 for access to an expert on blogging, WordPress, and related tech.

It is a steal at that price, and still a good deal at the regular price, because one thing I will ask you to do before the call is send me an agenda or a list of questions. I will spend a half hour researching your questions so I can be ready with answers.

So please do contact me if you need help.

image by photon_de via Flickr

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