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Grab a New Kindle for $29 After Rebate

At $59, the new basic Kindle is darned cheap, but did you know you can get it for an even lower price?

Amazon is selling the Kindle for $59, and so are other retailers including Staples, but the office supply chain is going one step better. For the next week Staples is offering a $30 rebate on the Kindle, thus lowering the price to a mere $29.

This is a new Kindle, and not a refurb, and it ships with 4GB internal storage, a month-long battery life, a touchscreen and Wifi. It doesn’t have a frontlight or high-res screen but what would you expect for $59.¬†And at $29, it’s an even better value.

The Staples rebate would come as a prepaid Visa card, which is better than a check and almost as good as cash. What’s more, I’ve never had any trouble with Staples rebates, although it has been some time since I last got one.


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