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Hands-On with a $77 iPhone 6 Clone (video)

iphon3 6 clone androidWe’re still a month away from Apple showing us what the real iPhone 6 will look like, but the clones have been popping up left and right and they’re getting cheaper. Charbax is in Shenzhen right now and he got his hands on a exceedingly cheap iPhone 6 clone.

The smartphone sports a 4.7″ display with a WVGA resolution. That’s far less sharp than the 1,704 x 960 resolution display that one blogger speculated will be found on the iPhone 6, but then again what do you expect for a $77 Android smartphone.

According to Charbax, this is not a terribly convincing clone. At first glance it looks like the various leaked iPhone 6 components, but once you start to run apps the deception falls apart. The phone has a weak camera and CPU:

Anyways, this is thin and as Apple would do, it does not offer a removable battery, use Appleā€™s lightning connector instead of MicroUSB, it does have an internal MicroSD card slot though, but you need to use tiny screwdrivers to get to it. This copy configuration comes with a basic WVGA display, a very basic camera (extremely basic), and I think they cut a few more corners when it comes to the CPU they use the entry-level MT6572 dual-core ARM Cortex-A7 with Mali-400 GPU, 512MB of RAM and a little bit of ROM.

This isn’t the cheapest iPhone 6 knockoff, but it does cost about half as much as the last one I’ve seen. It also costs about a 9th of what I expect the iPhone 6, with its 4.7″ display, to cost.

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