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Hands On with the One-Handed Onyx Boox Ligo (video)

Chinese ereader maker Onyx was less than forthcoming when they announced their new models last week; they left out the most interesting model.

Onyx is working on a Kindle Oasis clone called the Ligo. While it has very similar specs to Onyx’s other new ereader, the Poke, the Ligo takes after the Oasis by having page turn buttons only on one side of the screen.

The Poke and the Ligo run Android 6.0 on a quad-core 1.2GHza CPU with 512MB or 1GB RAM and 8GB internal storage. They have a 6″ E-ink screen with frontlight and screen resolution of 1448 x 1072.

Both ereaders have a 2.5 Ah battery and Wifi, and they have been cursed with a USB type-C port. They ship with Google Play Store pre-installed, which will then allow you to install thousands of Android applications including the most popular for reading: Aldiko for the Epub, but also Kindle, Kobo, and Tolino.

You can see the Poke and the Ligo in the video below (the Ligo is shown at 2:10).


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Claudia April 18, 2018 um 6:15 pm

That sounds really promising! I’d like the ability to read Kindle books, Nook books, and Scribd books on one e-ink device. (I can do all but the latter on a rooted old NST.)

Mike Cane April 19, 2018 um 11:28 am

>and they have been cursed with a USB type-C port

Huh? Join 2018. C port is what everyone now wants on devices.

Nate Hoffelder April 19, 2018 um 11:47 am

sure, just so long as you wave a magic wand and replace the USB ports on all my existing devices.

dontbeevil May 28, 2019 um 8:02 am

you don’t need to change the usb port on your charging device, just use usb-c-> usb cable instead of a micro usb, like almost all smartphones for years… at least you don’t have an iphone/ipad, ah in that case is fine to use the lightning cable instead of a standard usb right???

keith hockenbeck April 20, 2018 um 9:05 am

"Cursed"? Is this a news piece or editorial?

Ruth Bygrave November 6, 2018 um 5:39 pm

Some of us already have USB type C laptops.

Even apart from that, I have been looking forward to an improvement in e-reader ports. Lightning ports are fine. USB mini-B (remember that?) was more OK because it was easy to see which way up it was.

USB micro-B needs to DIAF like yesterday because the difference between the right way up and the wrong way up is a very slight curve that is hard to see. My e-reader (Oasis 2) in a case has a small blob of Blu-Tack on the up side of the cable, simply because the case means that tiny curve doesn’t show at all. It’s impossible to plug it in without looking, and looking quite hard.

If I later get a type C e-reader I’ll use a USB-A to type C cable (there are lots of these about) from the mains charger because a low-power client device doesn’t need Power Delivery, but it will still benefit from being plugged in easily.

I still get USB-A the wrong way up sometimes and I’ve been using that for decades.

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