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Hands On With the Onyx Boox 7.8″ Nova, 6″ Poke, and 13.3″ Max2 Pro

Charbax caught up with Onyx at the Frankfurt Book Fair, where they showed off several of their ereaders.

The Onyx Boox Nova is a 7.8″ E-ink ereader with edge-to-edge glass front and a brand new design. Onyx showed off two different models, one with a frontlight and capacitive touch and the other with Wacom stylus touch, capacitive touch but no front light. The basic one with frontlight is hitting the market around November 2018 while the one with the Wacom stylus touch input comes early 2019 (probably).

Onyx also introduced the Boox Poke and Poke Plus, two 6″ E-ink ereaders aimed at the more affordable market segment.

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dean robinson October 14, 2018 um 5:23 pm

good enthusiatic reporting thank you. but please dont speak 'pidgeon english'. an easy mistake but always more helful 2 speak in normal plain english slowly.

Cruz October 15, 2018 um 1:15 am

Please change the article to reflect that the regular model does not come with a flush glass screen. No is is more disappointed than I. I’ve been waiting patiently since they first said it was going to be released by Cebit.

Not only did they not make that timeline, but they downgraded the model twice since then. The original had a much nicer backing and design, then they traded that in for a plastic and non-flush screen.

I wouldn’t have even been mad if they raised the price but they didn’t even give us the option.

Hamshank November 19, 2018 um 8:54 am

I wanted the 6″ model to have a flush screen and buttons. I can live without buttons, but the non-flush screen is a bummer. I wonder why. The onyx kepler pro had it. It seems that many e-reader makers (kindle, kobo and now onyx) are only including buttons and flush screen with large screens. 6″ is more portable, not low end.

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