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Hands on with the Phosphor E-ink watch (video)

I just cam across a review of the Phosphor World Time watch on the watch blog, aBlogToRead.

Phosphor watches can be credited with a very special honor. That being of the brand the officially popularized and mainstreamed e-ink watches. While they didn’t invent the concept, they made them cool enough and affordable enough for mainstream adoption. With prices under $200, now everyone can have a neat looking, easy to read e-ink watch on their wrist. The newer World Time watch adds just that to the mix – a world time complication. In addition the time and a calendar, you can now scroll through time zones of the world. Aside from one minor drawback, the watch is a nice addition to the Phosphor watch collection.

The video is worth watching, but I really have to wonder: who buys watches anymore? I’d buy this one just to have it, but I am TBH a hoarder. I’d never actually wear it.

Watches used to be something everyone wore. Is it just me or have they been replaced by cell phones?

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