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Hands On with the Pocketbook Sense

pocketbook_sense_2[1]With the Kindle Voyage, and Aura H2O getting all the buzz, premium ereader seem to be where the market is the most active, and now Pocketbook is joining the fun.

Earlier this month Pocketbook announced a new premium 6″ ereader called the Sense. This ebook reader is looks like a Pocketbook  Ultra minus the camera, but it actually has at least one extra feature not found on the Ultra: an ambient light sensor.

The Sense also sports a Carta E-ink and a designer case from the French fashion house Kenzo. Notebook Italia caught up with the Pocketbook Sense at IFA Berlin earlier this month, and they just posted the video today.

This ereader launched earlier this month as both the Sense and, in Russia, the Pocketbook 630 Fashion.

According to Notebook Italia, the Pocketbook Sense will come with the cover and cost 149 euros. It will run Pocketbook’s proprietary OS on a 1GHz CPU with 256MB RAM, Wifi, and 4GB internal storage. Measuring 7.5mm thick, the Sense weighs 175 grams and has a 1.5Ah battery.

It will also have the novel same page turn button as the Ultra, which is a pity. As I will explain in my review this weekend, the page turn buttons on the Ultra are one of those ideas that are great in concept but don’t work out so well in practice.

Even so, this is a very pretty ereader.

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Feda September 26, 2014 um 1:52 pm

Another 6″ E-reader nobody wants.

Name (required) September 27, 2014 um 4:28 am

*I* am going to buy PB630 Sense/Fashion/Kenzo.

I have used PB360° for many years and I consider it to be the best reader on the market, before the front-lit stuff came. If there was PB360° with a lit screen I would be willing to pay LOTS of money for it. It had pocketable size and snap-on cover that didn’t add bulk to the device. The software was even better – more mature and with lots of third-party stuff – than current generation of PocketBook firmware.

PocketBook sense comes very close. Dimensions:
PocketBook Sense / Fashion / Kenzo 630 151.4 x 109.9 x 7.5 mm
PocketBook 360 – 146 x 123 x 13.8 mm
It has four magnets behind the back shell and two at the front, plus magnetic sensor for "sleep cover". The Kenzo cover (ugly as a sin, IMHO) is attached by means of magnets and non-slip tape, so I can easily make a lightweight DIY cover.

Software will be the most problematic, judging from the PB Ultra firmware, but PocketBook keeps updating their software and there are already third-party programs available. I think it is only matter of time before there is Coolreader and other stuff available. It was exactly the same with [almost] all previous models.

Pocketability and configurability are very important for me.

Basem September 26, 2014 um 2:50 pm

That cover is not nice at all! But that is personal taste; I would like to see covers with art prints e.g. the New Yorker cover prints B&N released with the Nook tablets. Another nice idea for covers would be 19th century impressionist and post-impressionist art works e.g. Bathers at Asnières.

I agree this is just another, probably over-priced, 6″ reader … I would like to see an 8.9″ version of these high resolution e-ink carta screens, with similar firmware to the Kindle touch basic, at a good price i.e. $150 – $200. Not everyone uses these e-readers to read best-seller novels but that is, generally, the target for these e-readers.

Nate Hoffelder September 26, 2014 um 3:12 pm

I don’t care for the cover either, and I don’t see why this ereader is worth $190. But I’m sure someone will like it.

Gnama September 26, 2014 um 8:10 pm

Why always 6″? The first one who will come with a good 8″ ereader will make tons of money.

Mango September 26, 2014 um 9:16 pm

Well, they will get my $$ at least 🙂

Nate Hoffelder September 27, 2014 um 2:15 pm

Pocketbook has an 8″ model in the works. The ship date keeps getting bumped, possibly due to production issues:

Suzatm September 27, 2014 um 6:54 am

Me too! Front lit e-ink 7, 8 or 9 inch reader would be awesome! And one I would definitely buy no matter the cost. I love my Kobo Aura HD but not the Kobo store.

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