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Hanlin V60 shows up in Russia

The Ukrainian ereader distributor Lbook have just unveiled their latest ereader, the V60.  This is a Kindle clone with a 6″ E-ink screen, Wifi, 2GB Flash storage, SD card slot, optional 3G, and a headphone jack. Format support includes FB2, EPUB, PDF, DOC, DJVU, RTF, TXT, HTML, PPT.

A similar ereader is already on the market in India, where it is called the Wink. Also, I reviewed a close relative if this ereader, the Hanlin A60. The big difference between the A60 and the V60 is that the first has a Sipix screen with a capacitive touch screen.

I thought the hardware was nice and usable.

My source has a pretty extensive set of photos of the V60. It looks like Lbook didn’t use the stock firmware but instead wrote their own. This is great; I can see that they made a number of interesting changes.

It should be out next quarter. Retail has not been set.

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