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Hanvon to release color e-reader this November?

My sources are telling me that Hanvon have announced that they’re planning to release a new ereader  with a color E-ink screen in November. I’d rate this as somewhat more than a rumor but less than a certainty.

This is rather interesting, though. I’d pegged Hanvon as one of the likely Mirasol partners. If they’re working with E-ink, then wouldn’t it suggest they they aren’t working with Qualcomm?

Then again, they could be working on both new screen technologies with the plan to release whichever was ready first.

via MobRead

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Mike Cane September 5, 2010 um 1:47 pm

It could also be the journalists are sloppy and figure any screen for eBooks is "eInk" too.

And it could be this too:

Nate the great September 5, 2010 um 1:58 pm

If Bridgestone (it’s their screen tech) had another partner they would have announced it.

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