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HarperCollins ebookstore to close

I just got an email from a support account with Overdrive today.  I was told that the HarperCollins eBook Store was about to close. They recommended that I should archive any ebooks I bought from the HC ebookstore:

Dear HarperCollins eBook Customer,

As of November 19, 2010, the HarperCollins eBook Store has been discontinued. We are contacting you so that you have the opportunity to download and archive the titles you have purchased. To download previously purchased titles, sign in and visit your 'My library' page. After December 19, 2010 titles that have not been downloaded will no longer be accessible.

We appreciate your patronage, and we regret any inconvenience this may cause you.


This one has me scratching my head. I can’t recall that I ever set up an account with them, which is why I’m puzzled. But to be fair, I have accounts with so many ebookstores that there is way for me to remember them all.

It looks to me like HarperCollins' own internal ebookstore was supported by Overdrive, and  HC are about to pull the plug. I wonder what they will replace it with?

P.S. And just to be clear, yes, this is a legitimate email. I checked.

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