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Has Anyone Used Hometown Reads?

I was at the James River Writers conference this past weekend. Even though it was the type of conference where "writer" was a synonym "book author", I still learned bunches. I plan to share what I learned on the blog over the next few weeks, but today I want to bring your attention to a site called Hometown Reads.

This is a site where authors can list their bio, bibliography, and other details so that they can be found by local bookstores, public libraries, and schools. If, for example, a grade school teacher wanted to invite an author, they could browse the Hometown Reads site for authors that lived in the area, research each author’s books, and then contact the author who would be the best fit.

This site is a great idea, and I am surprised I’ve never heard of it before.

Do you use it? What did you think?

image by Fire At Will [Photography] via Flickr

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