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Here’s A Blog Authors Need to Read: Legal Minimum

The Lendink brouhaha is still dying down, but I think it’s not too early to consider what we can learn from the incident.

One conclusion I reached as this story unfolded was that we all needed to learn more about rights, licenses, and contracts. And I include myself in that group; while I can usually figure out legal situations, I don’t know enough specifics to really understand it. Luckily I found a blog that can help.

The blog is called Legal Minimum, and it’s written by a law professor named Don McGowan. He’s an adjunct professor of Entertainment Law at the University of Washington as well as he General Counsel of The Pok√©mon Company International. He writes from the viewpoint of creators and explains concepts using plain English.

Folks, this is a blog that all authors need to follow. If you can’t write the blog posts, you definitely need to read them. And that’s not rude; it’s a basic fact that self-published authors need to understand the contracts they sign and the rights they have. This blog will help.

Take today’s post, for example. The title is Lending and LendInk: six lessons on copyright from one big mess, and it covers information that corrects a number of mis-beliefs held by some authors. It’s well worth a read.

Update: I’ve just heard from another lawyer I know who disputed the analysis in the post at Legal Minimum. She recommended that a better blog to follow¬† would be Scrivener’s Error. That may be true but the blogs don’t fill the same need. Scrivener’s Error doesn’t offer the explanations.

I say follow them both.

Scrivener’s Error

Legal Minimum

image by Phil Roeder

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Scott_T August 14, 2012 um 10:57 am

or it might just be a sign the laws need re-written so people can understand them without a law degree.

Don McGowan August 15, 2012 um 1:01 pm

Thanks for the shout out. I’d love to have known what the other lawyer felt I got wrong. It’s tough to get everything correct, especially when writing a blog post.

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