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Here’s Your Chance to Buy a Piece of eReader History

When the Wexler FlexOne launched in Russia in 2012, this ereader cost as much as a premium device and yet it only had a basic d-pad for a controller (no frontlight, touchscreen, sound, etc).

It had nothing to go for it other than a flexible screen which wasn’t actually that flexible, which is probably why it was discontinued and then cleared out on Amazon for $50 each in 2014.

For three years now the FlexOne has been almost impossible to get, but now you have a chance to get a piece of ereader history. A reader has tipped me to the news that the Wexler FlexOne is now available on AliExpress.

It seems the Chinese OEM has either found old stock in their warehouse or decided to invest in a production run, because you can now get a FlexOne for only $59.

I would not recommend buying a FlexOne for any reason other than nostalgia or curiosity; the basic Kindle is a much better value.

But if you always wanted one then now is your chance.

Thanks, kuzelnik, for the tip!


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Hrafn April 19, 2017 um 11:57 pm

From memory, it was also very lightweight (just over 100g, I think, which is still very very light for a 6″ screen). I looked at it as a possibility when it first came out but was turned off by its lack of in-depth reviews or documentation and its (then) high price.

tired April 20, 2017 um 10:40 am

That design reminds me of the Oasis. It has an asymmetric design with physical buttons on the thick, grippy side. But it costs a fifth of the Oasis price!

BDR April 20, 2017 um 12:29 pm

"reminds me of the Oasis … but it costs a fifth"?? Let’s see … no frontlight, one-tenth the storage, half the ppi screen quality. lack of touch, and lack of page buttons … yep, exactly the same.

I’m no fan of the Oasis but comparing this FlexOne favorably to it? That’s just silly.

tired April 22, 2017 um 11:55 pm

Good thing I didn’t say "exactly the same." Your flippant response is silly. Try to read before replying next time.

Name (Required) April 20, 2017 um 11:25 am

There are several e-ink readers that boast flexible screen (understand not backed by a glass sheet), but this is still the only flexible reader on the market.

That is the main distinguishing feature. If you buy the cheapest Kindle, put it into a pocket or carelessly toss it into a rucksack it won’t survive for long. Wexler Flex One is flexible, so it is [in theory ;-)] much harder to damage by twisting or bending or dropping on the floor.

BDR April 20, 2017 um 12:36 pm

Plus there’s the Russian thing and if there’s one thing Russia does well, it is making quality products that never break.

And, yes, this is sarcasm.

Name (Required) April 20, 2017 um 1:14 pm

It is a Russian product manufactured in China. The very same China where iPhones are made. 😉

Once upon a time I owned an Ukrainian made [manufactured in China – again] e-ink reader PocketBook 360°. From the software point of view it was perhaps *the* best e-ink reader in the world at the time. It had configuration options that e-ink readers do not even have today. Even the user interface was completely configurable, so you could redefine home page or library. And PocketBook released a software tools for building dictionaries, user interfaces, even third-party applications. And they sponsored competitions for programmers to create content. And it was highly usable out-of-the-box.

So Russian, or Ukrainian doesn’t *have* to mean bad. Especially when it comes to firmware development.

I own YotaPhone. Again, Russian made and manufactured in China. Very high quality device with an unique hardware feature – e-ink screen at the back side of the phone.

By the way, ;-), judging from the few reviews that were available at the time, the software on Wexler Flex One wasn’t good.

tired April 22, 2017 um 11:59 pm

You really spent way too much time replying to a troll.

Troll April 20, 2017 um 1:45 pm

I always thought this is bullet proof reader .Issue was LG screen quality ,almost all where faulty . But if you get one thats good .You have device for years

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