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Here’s your chance to support your favorite ebook blog

This is just a brief note to let everyone know that I’m setting out a tip jar. There’s now a subscribe button in the sidebar with several options ranging from a modest $1 per month to an extremely generous $10 per month.

The tip jar is going up for the obvious reasons; I need money (who doesn’t). I’d much rather not have to handle the money stuff but I can’t ignore it any longer. To be honest, I never wanted to run a business; I wanted to let someone else do it while I found interesting stuff to write about. But so far I haven’t found an advertising setup I like which could pay me enough to make it worthwhile. Nor have a found a business partner.

If the $10 a month isn’t enough, just let me know. I can always add another option. *grin*

Edit: Apparently the button didn’t make it through the RSS feed. Whoops.

Second Edit: At the suggestion of a reader, I’ve changed it to offer both a dollar a month and $25 a year.

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elmar August 16, 2011 um 1:47 pm

tell you what,give a yearly option, say $25 and see what happens.

Nate Hoffelder August 16, 2011 um 2:05 pm

It’s changed.

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