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Hisense Tablet Leak Reveals Thin Bezel, Sharp Corners

The Hisense Sero 8 Pro may be no where to be found, but never mind that. We have a new model to obsess over.

GizmoChina has a couple photos which it says show the new Hisense tablet. The photos were leaked on Weibo, and while we don’t have a screen size or any other specs we can look at the tablet and note a few details.

new hisense tablet 1

The new tablet sports sharp corners, a thin phablet-inspired bezel, a curved back, and two rear facing speakers.

If you note the placement of the USB port on on edge and the speakers and brand name on the back, I’m sure that you’ll agree that the images show what very likely isn’t a phablet or smartphone. (They would have been located in different positions had this been a phablet.)

There’s also a camera on the back, but no sign of one on the front.

new hisense tablet 2There haven’t been any rumors about a new Hisense tablet, so there’s nothing I can add about when we will see this tablet hit the market. But I wouldn’t expect to see it any time soon, nor would I guarantee that it will be release.

Hisense’s last tablet, the Sero 8 Pro, showed up online on several blogs but never actually made it to the US market. It was supposed to have been available through Walmart, but that never happened. We don’t know what affected the Sero 8 Pro but the same problem could impact the new model.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

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