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How to Add Google Play to the Idolian MiniStudio

P1020570There’s going to be quite a few 7″, 8″, and larger Android tablets coming out in 2013 and many will have Google Play. Unfortunately the Mini Studio 8″ tablet from Idolian won’t be one of them, but not to worry. This is something you can fix.

I got a Mini Studio as a free review unit from Idolian a little over a week ago, and while it is an okay tablet for a generic 8″ Android tablet the absence of Google Play or some other content store lessens the value, IMO.

Luckily this can be fixed with absolute minimum effort. All you need to do is download the following APK file to the Mini Studio and install it.

Where & What

The file can be downloaded from here:


If that link does not work then you can find a copy of the file in this ZIP file. Just ignore the other files; you don’t need them.


Here’s how to install this APK file over USB:

  1. Download the file to your computer.
  2. Copy it to a folder on your Mini Studio tablet via a USB cable. Then unplug your tablet.
  3. Once you’ve done that, open the file manager on your tablet and go to the folder where you put the file. Double-click on it to install it.

You could also email the link to the file to yourself and then open the link in the email app on the tablet. I think that is actually easier.

You just need to install the one file on your Mini Studio and nothing else. Once you have installed it you will have access to the full Google Play (or what ever is available in your country) as well as fully functional Google apps.

I have Gmail and gReader installed. Those 2 apps are most of the reason why I wanted Google Play. While they are available elsewhere in quasi-legitimate app stores, I wanted to make sure the Google integration worked correctly.

product page

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Mike Cane March 2, 2013 um 12:04 pm

Oh lord. I can’t believe you have it. I saw the atrocious promo video for it on YouTube just last week. So how bad is this thing? Try out my Google Books PDF tests. PDF Viewer is FREE on the Google Play Store.

Nate Hoffelder March 2, 2013 um 12:23 pm

Which app do you want me to use? There are bunches.

Edit: Adobe Reader handles it just fine.

Mike Cane March 2, 2013 um 1:08 pm

The app itself is called "PDF Viewer" and should pop up when searched for in quotes.

Pics or it didn’t happen. And I want:

1) Load time
2) Page change time

Caleb March 3, 2013 um 5:10 pm

I really like Idolian. My Idolpad has kept me happy for a while now. I’ve been debating ordering the ministudio since I heard of it’s release, but I’m not sure the wife would appreciate another tablet laying around. I hope a full review will be coming soon.

Willie March 10, 2013 um 11:43 pm

I’m surprised you needed to install Google Play. They way Idolian has been promoting Mini Studio that it has Adroid 4.1 JB, I didn’t think you needed to install it at all. I thought all their previous tablets had Google Play in them already, like the Idolpad Plus had it. I guess not. I’ve been wanting to order their tablets but they don’t ship to Canada at all yet. Hopefully one day. I’m gonna check out your review. Does it match Idolians bold statement as a cheaper Ipad Mini?

Nate Hoffelder March 10, 2013 um 11:50 pm

I was surprised as well. But it simply was not visible so I installed it.

I was going to post the review this weekend but I’m not done yet. I think Idolian was a little nuts to compare this tablet to the iPad Mini. They’re not in the same class. A better comparison would be the $159 Kindle Fire. I think the Mini Studio makes an excellent alternative. It’s better, IMO, than the KF2.

Review: Idolian Mini Studio 8" Android Tablet – The Digital Reader December 15, 2013 um 5:11 pm

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