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How to Cancel a Kindle Blog or Magazine Subscription

For as long as Amazon has sold ebooks on the Kindle, they have also sold subscriptions to blogs and other periodicals.The blogs usually cost $0.00 to $1.99 per month, and were automatically every day.

Or at least that is how things  are supposed to work. I just discovered that starting in October, Amazon has been billing me for two subscriptions to my own blog while at the same time neglecting to deliver the content as promised. While this is my own fault (I did place the orders when testing the system), I will also add that I was surprised to learn Amazon has no way to check for duplicate subscriptions or if the content is actually being delivered. (Another unpleasant surprise was the realization that Amazon wasn’t sending me email receipts, either.)

I would like to save my readers from making my mistake, so here’s how you can check your Amazon Kindle account for subscriptions and then cancel the ones you don’t want (but only on; the other Kindle Stores might work differently).

Manage My Content & Devices

As you may know, if you buy Amazon hardware or have bought digital content from Amazon, Amazon has a menu on its site where you can manage your purchases. This menu started out as a single page when Amazon launched the Kindle in 2007, but it has since grown to be a complex and confusing collection of menu pages, tabs, filters, and dropdown menus.

You blog, newspaper, and magazine subscriptions can be found on three different screens which can be accessed via a dropdown menu on the Manage My Content page:

What you need to do is visit each of the three pages and check to see if you have any active subscriptions that you either don’t recognize or no longer want.

You can cancel a subscription by clicking on the 3-dot menu next to the subscription, and selecting the "Cancel subscription" option.


When I checked, I found that I had two blog subscriptions I didn’t want, so I went ahead and canceled them.

How about you? Did you find any unexpected subscriptions?



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Edward Perry January 4, 2019 um 12:42 pm

If find subscriptions on 1/4/2019, but no "Cancel" mechanism.
What did I do differently?
How can I send you the screen snip?

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