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How to turn your tablet into netbook

Do you know that iPad case with the built in Bluetooth keyboard? I’ve been wanting a case like that for my Android tablets ever since Apple released the iPad. And now it’s here.

I saw the case at left in a bunch of booths at CES, and ever since then I’ve been waiting for it to pop up on the market.  A few days ago I came across this case on the Walmart website.

The case is designed to fit most 7″ (800×480) tablets; the clips on the top and bottom are adjustable. It would probably also fit the NookColor or anything with that general shape. (Note that this probably won’t work with the NC; I don’t think it has USB Host.) It’s an 84 key Keyboard and it has a standard USB port.

Mine is coming in the next couple days, and I will be posting a review.

But wait, there’s more. now that I new it had hit retail, I kept digging and eventually found a Chinese retailer that carried it. They have this style of case in 3 different sizes (7″ 8″, 10″) as well as an iPad case (and a lot of other junk).

They also posted a demo video which shows a lot of detail.

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Mike Cane May 17, 2011 um 11:36 am

Hm, not every tablet has USB Host Mode. This also wouldn’t work with the HTC Flyer, which seems to have a variant micro USB port.

Sweetpea May 17, 2011 um 1:39 pm

I’ve got one, for a 10″ android tablet. Works very nice.

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