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Huawei’s New 8″ Phablet to Cost $184

If you think the Asus FonePad isn’t big enough then I have some great news for you.

Earlier this week Huawei announced a new 8″ Android tablet that will come with the ability to make phone calls. It’s not the first 8″ tablet with this feature, but even though the idea of holding an 8″ tablet to your head is absurd nothing is going to stop me from promoting the Honor tablet as a phablet.

The Huawei Honor tablet runs Android 4.3 Jelly Bean on a 1.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 200 chip with 1GB RAM, 16GB internal storage, and a microSD card slot. This phablet sports an 8″ display with a screen resolution of 1,280 x 800, and it also has a pair of cameras (5MP and VGA), a proximity sensor, and an accelerometer.

In addition to Wifi and Bluetooth, the Honor will have 3G HSPA+ connectivity, supporting download speeds up to 42Mbps. Weighing in at 360 grams, the Honor is 7.9mm thin and manages to squeeze in a 4.8Ah battery.

All in all, this is a rather odd beast.  Aside from the cellular connectivity, this has the specs of a budget tablet which I would consider buying. And if I were on the go more, the connectivity would tempt me to get this tablet.

Alas, I don’t think I’ll have the option.  It’s going to ship in Malaysia on 16 October with a retail of around $184 (you can find it here), but I don’t know that it has been announced for the US market.


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Greg Strandberg October 3, 2014 um 12:33 pm

Will it also be able to hack into whatever networks it wants if I use it here in America?

When I lived in China we always went across the border to Hong Kong when we had to buy electronics. Anything in the mainland is guaranteed to break within 3 months.

Maybe it’s made elsewhere, but I know that mentality exists at the top of this company.

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