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HubPress Makes it Easier to Host Your Blog at GitHub

With a hundred and one blogging platforms competing for your attention (and more launching every week) it might surprise you to learn that the open source repository GitHub is also being adapted into a blogging platform.

You can already find several tools out there for building static webpages on GitHub (OctopressJekyll, and Awestruct are a few good examples) but for those of us who don’t have the technical skills to program the blog as well as write for one, there’s also HubPress.


This platform is entirely hosted on GitHub, and it offers Disqus commenting, Google Analytics integration, and is completely free. All that you need to do to use it is to log in to your Github account, fork the repository, and go through a few configuration steps.

I’ve been experimenting with it, and while it’s not as easy as setting up a blog on it’s still pretty simple. I’m actually still waiting for the initial set up yo be finished, so I can’t say much yet.  But I can report that it requires some technical skills, so this probably isn’t a blogging platform for everyone. (The fact that Github can take 30 minutes for new content to be posted doesn’t help, either.)

According to the developer’s blog, HubPress is only a couple weeks old and it’s still in the preview stage, so it could still be a little raw. But if you’d like to give it a shot, you can find more info on the HubPress website.

HubPress via TNW

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Karson January 18, 2020 um 2:43 am

Goes without saying I enjoy the security I get with static sites but I must say that I’m missing some of my WordPress plugins. Feeling better since I started using the Ink for all word processor, it has Markdown export capability and gives tips on Search Engine Optimization:

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