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I will not be reviewing the Pandigital Novel Personal eReader

Pandigital announced this ereader last month.  It’s based on a 6″ Sipix screen, and it has Wifi 2GB Flash, a capacitive touchscreen, a microSD card slot, as well as a web browser, Sudoku, and support for B&N ebookstore.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I cannot review this ereader fairly; I have a fundamental objection to the horrible screen.

The Novel Personal eReader shipped with a first generation Sipix screen. This is literally the worst epaper screen on the market. The background of the screen is a light gray, not white. Do you want to know how gray the screen is? Last week I took a picture that compared this ereader with my original Kindle and the Kindle had a whiter screen. Think about all the complaints about the Kindle’s screen; this Sipix screen is worse. They really should have held the technology for another year or so.

I don’t think anyone should buy an ereader that uses this screen. You will have a much better experience with an E-ink screen. And yes, my recommendation applies to all Sipix screens. I’ve heard a similar complaint about the Thalia Oyo (it also has a Sipix screen). Someone even took a picture which shows the grayness of the screen.

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Zigwalski November 2, 2010 um 9:22 am

Good thing that you did not review it since you already told everyone not to buy it.

Mike Cane November 2, 2010 um 3:49 pm

Bah. Review it. We know how bad the screen is now. But what’s it like in its book functions?

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