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I’m Going to be in Boston in June And Again in July

I’ve just gotten my confirmation email for the conference in July so I thought now would be a good time to lay out my upcoming conference schedule.

I have a number of day trips to DC and NYC planned for the next couple months, but the 2 major conferences I plan to attend are both going to be in Boston. I hope you’re sitting down for this, but I won’t be going to BEA 2012. Horror of horrors.

One of the Boston conferences, SID Display Week, is scheduled for the same week as BEA. This rather poor timing forces me to pick one over the other. And given that everyone who covers digital publishing or ebooks will be at BEA while hardly anyone will be covering Display Week, there’s clearly an unfilled niche in the blogosphere.

And besides, I’m pretty sure we won’t see any major announcements that would require my presence at BEA. Amazon isn’t one to launch stuff at a publishing conference and B&N already released the Nook Glow. And as for Kobo, I’m hoping that I can get an early briefing under an embargo. I am almost certain they will launch their self-pub platform at BEA; it’s clearly the best time for it.

So I will be in Boston twice this summer (I’ve never been to Boston in the fall). If you’d like to meet, drop me a note.

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