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I’m Ignoring the MyDrivers iPad Mini Rumor – Here’s Why You Should Too

SlashGear and others are reporting on a new iPad Mini rumor today. A Chinese gadget blog by the name of MyDrivers claims to have found a source with new info on the iPad Mini. According to MyDrivers:

As for the price of the aircraft, many analysts generally believe that the Apple iPad mini (8GB) price of about U.S. $ 249-299.I would ignore it if I were you.

I saw this story yesterday, and I decided against posting  it.

Before I wrote it up I looked into MyDrivers' sources. There weren’t any. After reading the Google Translated version of the source post, and then checking for outbound links, I’m pretty sure that the Chinese blog doesn’t have any new information (aside from one minor technical detail about the screen).

That source blog post reads like it is a summary of all the current rumors, not like the blogger has found something new. All references to their sources are vague enough that I don’t know if the info came from a source or if it is simply a repetition of what past blogs have said. There’s no specific attribution for any of the statements – not other blogs leaks, inside sources, nothing.

Folks, I’m not saying they’re right or wrong, but for all we know they could be getting their info from the same blog posts that you are reading. Relying on this source runs the risk of using a rumor to confirm the accuracy of itself, and that’s something you should never do.

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Mike Cane July 3, 2012 um 11:16 am

Did it also say IZGO Retina screen? If that actually came to pass for US$249, it’d be shocking.

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