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Dark Horse Digital Comics announced on Friday that they’ve released the first Star Wars digital comics, with 50 titles  available on launch. They also plan to release a mix of new and backlist titles each week from a variety of series.

Most single issue titles are priced at $2, with a handful priced at $1 as well as several free issues to whet your appetite. On a related note, the Star Wars novels also went digital a few weeks back; they’re published by Random house and should be available in most ebookstores.

I was going to leave this just as a publication notice, but then I started looking at the prices. I really have to wonder about their marketing plan.

A lot of DH’s Star Wars titles are series of comic books with 6, 8 or more titles in a series. This would seem to be a great chance to offer the first title in each series for free, and then sell the rest of the series as a single unit. But they’re not doing that.

You can buy most of the backlist series as bundles, yes, but there aren’t that many freebies. I, for one, am hesitant to spend even $2 on a series I’m not sure I’ll like when I know I’ll have to spend another $7 to $9 to read the rest of the story.

And no, the previews that DH offer simply don’t cut it. Three pages out of a 25 page comic book doesn’t tell me enough about the story to know if i want to buy it.


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