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Infographic: 24 Books to Read in Under an Hour

24-books-you-can-read-in-under-an-hour-each-infographicIn today’s world people have less and less time for reading, and that’s why we have seen the growing popularity of short reads: novellas, short stories, flash fiction, or longform journalism.

Short reads promise you’ll dive into a new world, and experience the same emotions, as when reading a novel – but in a shorter time.

In a way, the revival of short works is due to digital publishing. Unlike in print, where short stories had to be bundled into anthologies in order to fit into the predefined standard, works like a 20-page short story can be easily published as an ebook and either sold cheaply or given away (or even published on a website for free).

Here is an infographic with 24 such books, many of which can be found online for free. Assuming that the average adult reads 300 words per minute,  some of these books are quite short and only take 12 to 14 minutes to read.

You could theoretically read every story here in a single day.

Does anyone want to give it a shot?



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