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Infographic: Amazon’s 4th Social Network is Growing By Leaps & Bounds

Goodreads 1388556314-1388556314_goodreads_miscimmediately became Amazon’s social networking crown jewel when the retailer acquired it in March 2013, and in the past 9 months it has continued to grow unabated.

Earlier this week they posted an infographic which touted their success over the past year.

This online community now boasts nearly twice as many members as they had at the end of 2012, and those members were terribly busy. Over 294 million titles were added to member’s bookshelves in 2013 and 20 million pages were read in the past calendar year. Book reviews topped 29 million.

Amazon had been investing in book-focused social networks for some years before they bought Goodreads. They had launched their own network at, acquired a partial interest in LibraryThing when they bought AbeBooks, and Amazon also bought Shelfari in August 2008.


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Paul January 3, 2014 um 10:47 am

We’re using it to generate our new books listing for our magazine. Cheap, effective way to do it, and its easier to use than amazon’s own web site for pulling the correct data sets.

Fbone January 3, 2014 um 1:13 pm

25 million members but only 20 million pages read? That would mean most members are inactive.

Nate Hoffelder January 3, 2014 um 1:31 pm

They’re certainly not logging their reading habits, at least.

Hana Richter January 8, 2014 um 7:38 am

Some just use Goodreads for searching for new books but there is also another factor – quite a lot of books in different languages have not been added yet and there are a lot of mistakes as well. Some books have been added as stubs without the page count and other relevant info. I suspect that with more active librarians on site, we should see quite a few jumps in page counts and therefore pages read in the future.

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